Our Staff Team

Our staff team consists of fifteen Mayville High School Seniors and a supervisor.  Only the best of the best are selected to take part in Mayville Manufacturing. Our departments include: Woods, Metals, CNC Router, Laser Engraver, Business, and Engineering. Each section delivers high quality products within reasonable timing. 

Business Manager

Tyler and Joe are the ones who takes orders for projects and help distribute them to the correct department to start the construction on your product..

Engineering Department

The Engineering Department are the people who make the projects virtually.  This is used for planning, pricing, and even to help make toolpaths for the CNC Router.

CNC Routering Department

The CNC Routering Department uses the CNC Router to make high precision cuts to the exact size that is required.  They also do large scale engraving work that cannot be done on the laser engraver.

Laser Engraving Department

The Laser Engraving Department is where we send any piece of wood or plastic to get engraved.  They can print out both pictures and words with exact dimensions.

Woods Deparment

The Woods Department is where anything wood starts and finished.  They stain, cut, and sand any project that requires it to give a smooth, nice, and pleasing to the eye product.

Metals Department

The Metals Department is where anything heavy duty is made.  They weld, mill, and grind any piece of metal to the right size so you get exactly what you asked for.

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